The purpose of this Word Press.

This is going to be a sort of…manifesto and promise, in order to keep myself on track.

My Dad created me a Word Press, and just handed it to me. I don’t blog, I don’t have a podcast or channel, I just have too many ideas stuck up in my head and too much time to fill.

The goal is to be able to use this as a hub, a sort of library of creativity, positive energy, inspiration, all in order to preserve it and show it to others. Originally, my categories were going to be simple. One for programming, one for art, and one for games. But then I got to thinking…is that really all there is to me? When I really broke it down, there were 4 main parts to my personality and needs.

One thing I needed was a creative outlet, somewhere for me to just dump all of these ideas, doodles, origami, bits and pieces of comics, and even things I make on Minecraft. Somewhere I could dedicate to a big part of my life, which is to create and to visualize. I was raised around creative people, animators, color artists, comic book writers, game developers, screenplay writers, painters, sculptors, and everything else you could possibly imagine. Unfortunately, I feel no confidence in what I do, and when I tried to do it as a job for others–I hated every moment of it. In having a place to post all this, I’m putting myself out there in a way I don’t often. Maybe I can gain a little bit of my confidence back.

Another thing I needed was a logical outlet. I spend so much time with my head in books, games, and skies, that sometimes I just need a place to ground myself, put my head down, and create in a different way. When I program, it’s like I can turn my brain off and let my creative centers take a break–something they don’t often do. When you write code in a computer language, it’s neither flowery nor pretty. It simply is the way it is. There may be shorter or easier ways to do it, but you’re not going to spend days ruing the day anyone read the code for that clock you wrote.

The third thing I needed was a more intuitive outlet. This is a word I’m using incredibly loosely, as an umbrella-kinda-term. I am a spiritual person, though I don’t always show it. I like to keep track of recipes for homemade incense and mantras or chants I create. Sometimes I don’t have anywhere else to post that really awesome tarot or rune-reading I did, or a spread I’ve invented. I also find that by keeping track of what I eat, I live a fuller more satisfying life, but to the untrained eye, what I’m allowed to eat sounds like nothing. In going Gluten-free (for my thyroid, bipolar 2 disorder, and an intolerance for it), Dairy-free (for my lactose-intolerance and a hereditary allergy to it), Soy-free (because my body is female, and the less soy I have–the more masculine I feel and appear), among other things like cutting down on sugar, I can operate at my best, even around all of these hundreds of problems I have. So in creating (or modifying) fun or easy recipes, I feel like I can share a piece of myself, and make life a little bit easier. (Though don’t expect me to replace my shampoo with vinegar anytime soon–I’m not quite ready to start going green!)

When I came upon the last thing, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was part complaining, part being random, part just having fun. The idea of an ‘adventure’ outlet came up when I realized sometimes it’s nice not to have to fit your ideas or what happens from day to day in a box. Between the other 3 sections, which are rather specific, my ‘adventures’ outlet is a place where I can just let go. I don’t have to spell everything right, or make sure I’m conveying the idea exactly how I meant it. I can get off track, and change my mind later. I can post about how awesome it was when my little brother so kicked my ass in a deck-building game we have, or how much it sucks that I dropped my wallet into the gutter when it rained yesterday.

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