What happened to Odin’s Day?

For those of you who don’t know, Wednesday was based on the Anglo-Saxon “Woden’s day”, which was based on the Viking Odin’s Day (Wikipedia proofz). For some reason they slapped a silent ‘W’ on the beginning there…The more you know! (I’m not deflecting. What are you talking about?)

Sorry I missed posting on Wednesday. I was super busy, and I got distracted–and totally forgot I was supposed to blog that day…so here’s a day of blogging/journal-ling*–one day early! (since, you know…I silently decided to update on Wednesdays and Sundays without telling anyone.) I really should set up queuing…

Anyway! Happy Saturn’s Day! Day of “thank the gods work is over for the week,” and sleeping in. Now that it is Saturday, and my work is done and over (mostly) until Monday, I have plenty of things and stuff I wanna post over in the other 3 sections, including ! (So be sure to check over there in a few minutes~)

Don’t worry guys! I’ll get the hang of this…some day! I’ll post again tomorrow, then get back into my not-yet-formed pattern of posting /not/ 3 days late. :D


*To those of you out there who believe blogging is, and I quote, “links + commentary,” (Gothamist — who was quoting another blog that wasn’t up when I clicked the link) I’m happy for you! I don’t yet have a definition down for blogging.

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