Sorry for the long hiatus

It’s been about a month since I last posted, and I think I realize where I went wrong.

When I first had this blog dropped onto my plate, I had NO idea what to expect. I just kinda figured I’d toss up a few picture of some Minecraft worlds, post a few pics of some origami or things I’d sewn, maybe make a few posts on my philosophy and the world, and then be done.

Oh how wrong I was.

When I started reading guides on “how not to blog,” I realized that a lot of what I intend to do is kind of looked down upon? That doesn’t mean I won’t do it, but I am realizing that my prior view of blogging was way off…

I had given up on blogging for a few weeks, because I had over-promised myself. I said I was going to update bi-weekly, and I’d promised myself these mondo-ker-hugeous posts that I just couldn’t keep up with. I’m now in school again, and I’m on school campus almost 24 hours a week now (about half of which is in the class room, on top of about 6 hours driving time to and from), across the span of just 2 days. I now realize that I have to SERIOUSLY slow down, or I’m going to end up neglecting my rest, my school-work, and my blog. So! New plan.

Now that I know what I’m aiming for, my new plan is to go down to 1 day of posting a week. So, anything I have finished by Tuesday, is what you’re going to see. It may be 1 thing, it may be 5, it just depends on what I have time for–because I wanna do this right!

So, until next time–stay tuned!

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