The Britain Experience! – Intro

Hello all! I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating my blog lately, but my life has been SWAMPED! I’ll get right down to business, so as not to bore you, and jump right into my latest expedition!

I have been invited out to the UK with my parents and little brother. My father owns a portion of his various assorted businesses out here in London, and since Mom had a blast when she came out here with him last month–she thought it would be fun to get the family together!

Except for that one time I symbiotically experience Europe through my brother while he was in my mother’s womb, I have never been to the UK myself. I visited Italy with my family for around 2 weeks, but so far–that’s it. While that was a fun experience, it wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, as I have a few different ideas than my parents do when it comes to fun in Europe.

I arrived in the Heathrow Airport just a few hours ago, and already I’m both stressed out and having a blast. Never before had I flown internationally or domestically without my parents there every step of the way–so Dad was cool enough to snap pictures of everything he saw along the way and sent us (as I brought my brother with me), which turned into a beautiful 11-page document on how to win at life.

The bad things that have happened so far: Nearly getting run over as I followed my Dad across the street. (Turns out, Jay-walking is neither illegal nor discouraged, but they temper it with the fact that PEDESTRIANS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. EVER.) A minor scare in the security check point on our way through the LAX when my little brother’s wrist-pad on his mouse pad registered on the scanners as a liquid. (All worked out fine, but I hate conflicts with authority…) Nearly passing out due to dehydration, overheating, and exhaustion when I stepped off the plane in Heathrow. (My lips were burning and bleeding, my face was almost as red, and I was carrying 20 pounds of gear, and lugging a 30 pound suitcase behind me.)

The good things that have happened so far: Being of legal drinking age and casually sharing in my first beer with my parents. (It was a London Pride. Very bitter, probably just a tiny bit more bitter than I’d prefer, but it had a fantastic pine-nutty/burnt-orangey flavor and this amazing after taste–which just made my first real meal in London [Fish and Chips, Steak and Ale Pie, Ham and Leek Pie, and a strange Cold Creamed-Mushroom dish on toast. -drool-] taste even. Better!) My first legit “Flat-White” (BEST. COFFEE. EVER.) with fun basic leaf-design in the foam! AND! The awesome apartment-style house we are currently renting out until we leave! (BEAUTIFUL patio with one table and set of chairs in the shade, and one table and set of chairs up in the sun.)

There are a few things we have the option to do, that we haven’t decided one way or the other with yet. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go on a self-guided Jack the Ripper tour, probably a tour of the Tower of London (to see the Crown Jewels–and the dungeon!), a possible tour of the Kensington Gardens, and maybe even a trip out to Stonehenge! (I’ve always wanted to go!<3) Originally I had the chance to go meet an online friend of mine at this awesome Furry Convention up on the northern end of the UK (I'd even started a rather detailed Rainbow Dash Gijinka cosplay jacket--which I will show pictures of when I finish more of it!), but since it would've been a 3-hour set of bus rides one-way, and the ticket was so expensive--my parents vetoed the idea. I will be doing updates after every 3 days, highlighting something major that I've experienced. One day might be, the awesome types of cuisine we've had here. One day might be, the differences between US and UK culture. One day might be, the bizarre differences in public/common transportation. You'll just have to wait and find out!

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