Mumbling, shuffling, and stuff

Super special awesome short blog post because it’s 2 AM on a Saturday and all that 4th of July pizza has given me a stomach ache.

So, apparently, my eyesight and hearing have gotten a little worse without my noticing over the years. As someone who doesn’t blast music, doesn’t read using super bright lights, and generally tries not to abuse these abilities, I find myself having to ask people to repeat themselves, turn the volume up louder, boost the brightness, and beef up the font size to keep things comfortable. And did I ever mention just how freaking similar the colors green and red seem to look now?

I really should call up an audiologist and an optometrist, but I’ve been so down on the idea that anything else could go wrong with me that the last thing I wanted to admit was that I was having more trouble seeing and hearing things.

Does the idea of wearing hearing aids in both ears sound attractive? No. Does the idea that I might be shuffling around with a white cane in a decade or two sound fun? Absolutely not. Part of me wants to ignore it for as long as I can–and if it goes away, great! But as someone with a lot of other physical health problems, I know that’s a bad idea.

What’s a guy to do?