Thanksgiving, Loscon, and the Upcoming Holidays

Photo-intensive post! You have been warned!

Sitting out on my porch with the rain falling on 3 sides, thought I should blog about something fun.

And I do really love rain.

In all seriousness, this is the one part of the year I can curl up anywhere but directly in front of my box fan and enjoy a nice sweater or mug of hot chocolate. We get hail like once a year, but it usually stays above 60 — 50 at the least. This year we’re getting 50s, 40s, and even 30s — and boy do I love it!

Last week we had Thanksgiving. I went out with my grandmother to my little Bro’s house where we enjoyed a nice Ham and Turkey dinner. We had one friend with us, so it was just the 4 of us — and I took some cute pictures. My parents were out enjoying themselves for their anniversary, so we really splurged on the food. :B Below are some photos I took, enjoy!

Thanksgiving Dinner 1


Thanksgiving Dinner 2


Thanksgiving Dinner 3


So yeah, Thanksgiving was fun. Immediately after finishing dinner we waited for my little bro’s friend to join us so we could head back to our place. It was a little cramped with all 5 of us sharing 2 beds and a couch, but we made it work.

The next day we got up and rushed to the con I’ve been going to for many, many, MANY years!

Loscon 40

So turns out this was like the 40th — I’ve only been going for about 12 which is pretty cool considering I’m only 20.


Purty plants on the pool deck.


Dramatic hammock.


Purty plant on the pool deck,

The con was very dry compared to normal years. :c All of the life seems to have been sucked out of it with so many usuals in the hospital or dead or busy or just plain old. The cosplay was dry, nothing was impressive enough for me to bother stopping anyone in the halls over. I was in my wheelchair the whole time which was a real boon — I wasn’t in any unusual pain which for that much walking every day for 3 days straight — is incredible. The food was okay, the panels were boring, and no one was on the pool deck like I’d hoped (since our room was along the deck) as it was so heavily raining the first day. All in all, I guess there’s no where else I’d rather be — but next year I’ll be helping out to try to help keep it alive.

Last thing I’ll address in this post — the Holidays. Yes, what are we calling it this year? ChristmaHanuKwanzaakYule? Something like that.

I myself don’t really celebrate Christmas — but if there’s one thing I love to do it’s decorate a tree. When I moved out of my parent’s house and into my friend’s — it just wasn’t the same living in a place where they don’t decorate until like the day before (and honestly, ours are just /so/ much better XP) so I resolved to buying myself a tree the moment I made enough. Funny story: the batch that I have now (which includes 2 fake trees [one 2′, one 3″], an angel topper, a silver star topper, a string of silver pearls and 2 strings of my mother’s tree pearls, 6 or 7 different colors of plain ornaments, keepsake ornaments, tree skirts, strings of lights (mostly white — one rainbow) and such) only cost me about 75$ in total, and took me about 2-3 years to complete. It’s still not quite done yet, of course, but I work with what I’ve got.

Yule Tree 1

My larger tree, all decked out (except for my missing tree skirt) and ready to go. I keep this one more traditional — similar to the way my Mom does our tree every year (but I seem to have lost all of my red, white, gold and silver — which is what she would normally use)!

Yule 2

My little tree all dressed up (except for my OTHER missing tree skirt) and ready to go! I allow myself to go a little more crazy with this one — trying to use it to reflect my own spastic personality by using all the colors of the rainbow while keeping my ornaments more of a darker color.

As you’ve PROBABLY noticed I finally got my camera charged and useable but I’ve really had fun with it this past week or so. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up — both of my trees (and my wreath) are all decorated and just waiting for the 24th to roll around but so far not much has really happened yet. That will probably completely change the moment the yearly family christmas party rolls around (which I’ve never looked forward to, in all my 20 years).

Until then, signing off!

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