Appointments, Suppliments and Health-stuffs galore!


All of the sudden I have a full schedule. As of today I’ve got my usual Therapy, tomorrow I’ve got my thyroid surgery consultation, Wednesday I’ve got an appointment with my new Psychiatrist, and the following Monday I’ve got Therapy again and an appointment with my new GP!

On top of this, I’ve decided to get back on my suppliments and vitamins and such. I’m back to taking Fish Oil, my Multivitamin, some D3, a Biotin, some Calcium with Magnesium and Zinc, some EFA/DHA oil, and some Probiotics every morning with Breakfast — I’ve got some HCL/HCL Activator coming in the mail by sometime next week or the week after. I’m hoping these will give me a new base so that as the medications I’ll undoubtedly be put on within the next 3-4 weeks (preferably including hormone replacement) begin, I’ll have a solid foundation. Plus I know at least some of these work, so I may as well get healthier doing it.

With my surgical consultation tomorrow (Tuesday), I’m one step closer to going thyroid-less, which means my heartrate SHOULD come down. I’m not sure if anything else will change, but so long as there isn’t so much thyroid hormone in my systems — and so long as my heartrate gives other people the optimistic view of my heart that I do. So long as it does, however, I may be back in the driver’s seat in terms of Scuba Diving than I thought!

With Psychiatry this coming Wendesday, I shall be yet one step closer to really beginning my transition too! I’ll be giving them my therapist’s number so that they can see how long I’ve been with her, and I can refer her to the other various bazillions of therapists I’ve been to in the past. Hopefully before the end of the year I’ll be given the second go-ahead, if not a prescription for SOME form of testosterone therapy (be it a pill, or a cream, or a patch, or whatever — then an estrogen blocker). Wouldn’t that be nice?

Next week on Monday I have my new GP — I’ll be giving him a FULL history of all of the shit I’ve got going on. I’ll be asking for an ultrasound or x-ray of my appendix, to see if the stones inside have gotten any bigger — then I’ll refer Little Company of Mary (the hospital I was in for 3 days while my appendix was being monitored. That shit can get real bad when it bursts) so they can chat or something.

I don’t remember if I did a post on my hospital stay but long story short — 2 or 3 weekends ago I was rushed to the emergency room for a pain in my side just above my hip. I asked a friend that had their appendix out — and they said that was just about the spot. I was kept for a total of 3 days, starved for about 50 hours straight and kept alive on pain killers and anti-stomach-acids, so that I would be prepared for surgery just in case. Ultimately they did a CT scan, several Ultrasounds and I believe an x-ray and the ONLY thing on that entire side of my body that was at all abnormal was my appendix — which currently has little stones in it. Because there’s no way to tell how long they’ve been there or for sure whether they’re causing my pain or not — the hospital refused to remove it. Even though my kidneys, galbladder, uterus, stomach, bowels, EVERYTHING else were perfectly fine and healthy. I may need to go in again, as it still hurts.

Other than that, I’m just sort of waiting for everything to kick in. I stay up all night through 8 or 9 am then take my pills and then sleep…but sometimes I actually fall asleep at some point — then get up by 2 or 4 am. Yay.