I am now post-thyroidectomy!

TW: Hospitals, Surgery, Blood, IVs, Needles

(Picture: Me laying in my hospital bed about 30 minutes pre-op.)

Hey guys, many of you know that my thyroidectomy was coming up, but some of you didn’t. I just woke up (between blood drawings) on day 1 after I came into the hospital and while things are sore and stuff, I’m feeling pretty good~

No one has touched my bandages since I woke up right out of surgery — I have a tiny drain in that feels absolutely huge. During the surgery itself I lost very little blood, my heartrate didn’t spike, I didn’t go into a thyroid storm and there was only one very small complication. My thyroid was a LOT bigger than they thought it would be. I had a large goiter, but it wasn’t massive like some you see that come down to the collarbones and such, much of it had been pressed right up against my airways and only I was the one to really realize this. Because of its’ size, they’re doing a biopsy to make for-sure that there isn’t any cancerous material in it. If there is, they may give me one dose of radioactive iodine — but because the entire thing was safely removed completely, I doubt it.

Something that’s kind of funny is the moment I was up and given my own room, I was to start drinking water and eating jello — but a lady brought me in an entire tray of dinner complete with pasta roll filled with spinach, carrots, tea, a meatball soup, and an amazing orange cake<33 I started off by finishing off the jello — very slowly — I dove into my water, cracked open my tea…and then stole a bite of my cake. So amazingly good. I went on to finish off the soup’s broth and soft veggies, and then I ate most of the pasta shell and a few of the carrots. The nurses were STUNNED at how easily and completely I was finishing my first solid meal after surgery — but just to be sure, my surgeon had them give me a tums to keep it from upsetting my stomach.

I may end up staying another night — we don’t have the results of the biopsy, my calcium production’s a little low, my heartrate in general is still a tad high, and though no fever or anything, it took me about 9 hours of talking yesterday in order to be able to talk very quietly. When I first woke up I couldn’t make any sound at all, which was my only fear with this procedure. It’s really very routine, but there’s always the worry they could nick a parathyroid and lower my calcium production, or that they could nick one of my vocal chords and effectively render me mute. Well, I’m back to being unable to talk, but I’m assuming that’s just a mix of pain, swelling and such — I’ll be continuing to try to talk today even though it hurts.

I’m really glad I brought my own personal wheelchair, my laptop, and my 3DS. I even brought my headphones, though I’m trying not to use them as I need to be able to hear the nurses on a moment’s notice. I’m being relegated to doing only relaxing things, such as listening to music, watching TV, writing, and chatting with friends — until the beta blocker kicks in, they don’t want my heartrate trying to spike.

That’s about it really! I got here late yesterday, but they still took us. I was almost late in being taken in for surgery itself too — but I’m really glad as I got the chance to see my Mom and my little brother first~ They couldn’t stay through ’til I woke up, as it took me a while to wake up (probably because my initial IV fell out during surgery and they had to give me a whole ‘nother dose of sleepy stuff) but that’s okay as I’m hoping I’ll see one of them again today, and possibly all of them again tomorrow!

Hopefully I’ll have the energy to post another update tomorrow — we’ll see how it goes!

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