Nearing 5 months!

I saw my Endocrinologist (poor lady is 5-6 months preggy and already huge) a few hours ago and as I had pretty much expected, the blood results came back to show that my testosterone levels had dropped since the initial spike from having started taking T. This is pretty standard as you find your dose and wait for your numbers to settle where they’re gonna stay as you start — but they dropped low enough (from 440ish to around 350) that my Endocrinologist felt it would be a good idea if we raised my T dose.

Now, when you take the patches, this can be tricky. You can take the 2 patch, the 4 patch, or a 2 and a 4 at the same time — in general there isn’t anything else. I’m on the 4 mg patch right now, which means we had a little bit of wiggle room — we decided it would be best if I went with the 2+4 mg patches daily, effectively raising my dose to what should put me in the range we’re hoping for (the average/typical male range of my age group) at between 500 and 700.

I still have a week’s worth left, so I won’t be starting the 2s until I start over with my next batch of 4s. Sadly, this means I won’t be able to get the process of raising my levels started right away, but I’m really excited!

When you see your results sort of plateauing and not moving as quickly as they were before, you get a bit frustrated (understandably). My periods hadn’t stopped, my body hair had stopped coming in as quickly or darkening as fast (still no sign of any dark facial hair which I’d love to have), my body fat had stopped moving around as nicely and overall it felt like while my voice was dropping — it just wasn’t doing so fast enough. If I had started off on the injections, this probably wouldn’t have been a problem — but I made the choice to start off with the patches (and for as long as I possibly can, I’ll continue to use them) so I’m gonna wait it out until everything works out.

Now that my voice is nearing passable and still dropping, the one change I’m looking forward to most that should come within the next few months is for my periods to stop! It makes sense that some of the pains had come back since my numbers went up nearly 100 from where they were — raising up above where my numbers were before should be just enough to kick my body into the proper gear and shut my periods down for good.

Yet still no matter where I go, what I do, how I sit, who I’m with or how I sound — I still get ‘she’d’ unless I’m absolutely completely alone, in the back, hoodie wrapped around me with a really great binder on, sitting completely hunched over. It’s frustrating, but I’m not yet 5 months in and I know there’s still plenty of time to go. Grr.