5 months on T

So it sounds like my changes had slowed due to my T levels slowly dropping, which they do as you first start T. I went from the rough 440 range to a rough 350 range — so my endo raised my dose to dose and a half. A 4 mg patch and a 2 mg patch at the same time. I’ve only been on this higher dose for less than a week, but in about a week or two I should see the effects of the higher dose kick in (it takes roughly 2 weeks for T levels to see a difference, and last time the change was instantaneous).

5 Months:

-Hair: Eyebrows are super bushy. Sideburns are prickly/still short but blonde down to parallel with the top of my earlobes, and the hair just below my jaw on my neck has started to get pricklier. I can pretty much see everywhere I will be growing facial hair once it starts to come in darker due to the dense platinum blonde peach fuzz and dark shadow coming in. Hair on the front of my upper body seems to be getting as dark as the lighter brown hairs on my arms, all-over. Hair all the way up to my hips on my legs is getting consistently darker, but the hair on my arms is only dark up to my elbow. I just shaved my face, will see how long it takes for it to grow all the way back in, blonde or not.

-Skin: Acne is starting to get pretty bad, cleansing and scrubbing every other or every third day, but even stepping that up doesn’t seem to slow it down. Body odors of all kinds smell different now. Skin still very ‘soft’ in texture, but calluses form more easily.

-Shape: Face is noticeably squarer to everyone around me, when I smile it looks like I’m holding back a bigger smile due to the changing in fat and how pronounced my cheekbones are. Neck is wider, and adam’s apple is low enough now that people are noticing it — rather than it just being something I notice. Waist has completely moved, and hips are still moving — thighs are shrinking slowly starting down at the knee. Hands seem/feel wider, and I have a bit of a gut now — though it isn’t too bad, especially when binding. Overall muscle is both easier to build and maintain (noticeable gain in my trapezius/deltoids/biceps) but there seems to be a limit to the amount of muscle I’m able to maintan regularly.

-Voice: Continues to drop a little more every day — noticeable to everyone around me, but I still get called one of the “ladies” whenever around women. Wondering if maybe I would pass better in the voice area if I surrounded myself with more men, but perhaps that would just show off how high my voice still is.

-Other: Peroids still in flux, pain has come back — but they’ve gotten shorter again.

Percentage of time I pass in person: 2%

Percentage of time I pass over the phone: 2%