I made it! 6 months on T!

So I’ve finally made it 6 months on T (PARTAY) and this is where shit starts to pick up. Around my 8 month mark, I’m gonna call the top surgery center about scheduling a consultation — then I’m hoping to have had top surgery right around the time of my 12 month mark. Halfway there already!

Now that I’ve been back on the proper, stable dose of T I’m supposed to be on for a month, my numbers have been back to where they should’ve been for roughly 2 weeks now and things are picking back up slowly but surely!

6 Months:

-Shape: I continue to be told I look different everywhere I go when I see people that knew me from before. I still don’t appear “passable,” as people continue to misgender me wherever I go. A little flabbier in places such as my stomach than before, but my hips and thighs continue to try to shrink.

-Voice: Every week my therapist mentions that it sounds like it has gotten deeper — and my recordings do seem to confirm this. I also, just 2 days ago, passed over the phone for the first time ever without having to correct the person’s pronoun-usage!

-Other: Peroids still there but continue to get lighter.

Percentage of time I passed in person: 0%

Percentage of time I passed over the phone: 2%