New plan!

Okay, so not the best title but I couldn’t think of anything better.

This “new plan” I’m putting in motion is dietary — so if anyone has trouble dealing with, talking about, or hearing about food you may want to turn away!

Earlier this year I was quite literally slowly dying. I had a horrible thyroid condition which I was rushed in for surgery for. When I went in for surgery, I weighed approximately 130 lbs — just 5 lbs or so below the TOP end of “normal” for my height BMI-wise. Since then I have started T, gone on a low dose of Synthroid, and started an anti-depressant/mood stabilizer/anti-psychotic. 2 of these work for me. 2 of them work against me.

I went from weighing 130 to more like 170 and now my weight has pushed me into the “obese” category of BMI. This has my doctor concerned and even though I don’t particularly care about my looks (probably a sign of depression, but whatever) I should probably be doing something about it. I feel that I can’t move around a whole lot because of what causes me pain. However, there are things I can do, movement included, in order to lose a little weight!

Earlier this year when my thyroid was running rampant, I was eating compulsively almost constantly because my metabolism was running on overdrive. Since having my thyroid removed my metabolism has taken a nosedive, but my eating habits never changed. I still put away more than my body knows what to do with, and so the first thing I’d like to change is how I eat!

I started using a site called MyFitnessPal — this is a site I can track my calories, fat content, fiber content, etc in the food I eat, as well as keep track of how much I move around each day. I put in my weight (as of today I weigh approximately 167 lbs) and my height (I’m about 5’2″) as well as my age (21) — and I left my gender “female” so that the site knows what its’ doing for my body type. My “goal weight” I wasn’t sure about, so I put 135 lbs because that’s the very top end of “normal” for my height group.

It suggested I keep my calorie count (as someone completely sedentary) to around 1,200 calories a day. So today was a test run to see if I could keep my stomach happy, my numbers low, my health high, and my spirits in tow.

Today I ate:

-Quick Oats (1/2 cup) – 150 calories
-Honey (1 tbsp) – 64 calories

-Gluten Free Crackers (8) – 140 calories
-Beef Summer Sausage (2 oz) – 180 calories
-Whipped Cream Cheese (3 tbsp) – 75 calories

-Banana (1) – 105 calories
-Strawberries (6-7) – 23 calories
-Rice Milk (1/2 cup) – 60 calories
-Honey (1 tbsp) – 64 calories

-Steamed Broccoli (1/2 cup) – 25 calories
-Mayo (1 tbsp) – 90 calories
-Taco Bell Black Beans and Rice – 180 calories [won’t be doing this again]
-Pistachios (1/8 cup) – 80 calories
-Rice Thins (2 crackers) – 20 calories

-Taco Bell Coffee (12.5 oz) – 10 calories
-Decaf Green Tea (x3 mugs) – 0 calories

GRAND TOTAL: 1,266 calories
Attempted total: 1,200 calories
How high I went over: 66 calories

As you can see, I went a little over — so to balance things out, I did 20 minutes of light cleanup around the house such as putting groceries away and picking up the floor.

Overall this isn’t bad for a first try. I was able to down about 5 glasses of water, I’m gonna try to have 3 more before bed — but I’m cutting off my food source once it hits 8 pm. I knocked out my salt craving with just 2 rice thins (which were very tasty, but I didn’t feel the need to have more) and I was able to write up a couple more things for my shopping list like brown rice, kefir, cottage cheese, celery, lemons and some other stuff I’m gonna add to my new diet. Overall I’m working on keeping portion sizes down, having no more than 3-4 meals a day, and minimizing snacking between meals so that I can get down to the amount of food a normal person eats and hopefully shed just enough weight to slide back into the “overweight” category of BMI.

I’ll be checking my weight each day at the same time for the first week just to see if this is a horrible idea that will cause my weight to skyrocket — after that I’ll weigh myself just once a week and see where it goes from there!