7 months on T!

-wipes brow- Phew! 7 months already. Just a few days ago it feels like I was celebrating having finally made it to 6 months!

7 Months:

-Hair: My sideburns have started to come in — moreso noticeable on my left side, but it’s all still very light and fine — they’re just growing longer and slightly darker than they nomally do. Also I’ve FINALLY begun to grow darker-than-blonde hairs above my upper lip (mostly on my mole, figures). I have to hold my lip up at an angle so the light doesn’t reflect off of them and make them look totally blonde, which means they’re getting there but still peach fuzz.

-Shape: Continues to change. Starting a plan for weight loss (mostly switching up how I eat for good), hoping to shrink my stomach back down and take my thighs with it!

-Voice: Still dropping, slowly but surely. Should be in the passable range, but I still don’t pass (even over the phone).

-Other: NO MORE PERIODS! At least so far! I missed my first-ever period since I first started getting them early-on and I could not be more excited!

Percentage of time I pass in person: 0%

Percentage of time I pass over the phone: 2%