I know it’s been a while…

…Sorry for the lack of updates! Things just became too much, but I’ve now hit too big of a milestone NOT to update things.

My last update, I was approximately 8 months on T. Unfortunately, I only made it to just under a year and a half before I had to stop T for medical and financial reasons (my white and red blood cell counts went very high, and I was paying 600$/mo for the patches alone). My fat almost immediately shifted back to a feminine place, and my muscles all immediately broke down, but most everything else stayed! Since my periods never stopped in the first place, I continue to grow small amounts of facial hair just under my neck as ‘scraggles,’ and my hairline and voice have all stayed the same.

And now? I’ve officially undergone top surgery! (Warning for a photo involving small amounts of blood in drains! All perfectly normal for this procedure.)

^F258F7FF81CA312DF0E4AD910053269DAA56D5E4C9465E16B2^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr^F960DB42946BB7E65E0B6E9109EC9B58E7024C09DDB4641517^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrI saw Dr. Mosser in San Francisco, and he did, from what I can see through the vest, a fantastic job. We agreed upon the double-incision procedure with nipple grafts. I was only under for 4-4 1/2 hours instead of the 5 he projected. He also removed 4 liters of fatty-liquids (out of a maximum of 5) through “trunk/inner thigh/outer thigh masculinizing liposuction,” My nipples are further apart and only obvious due to the spongey bandages protecting them that stick up through the vest a bit, and it’s REALLY weird — but super cool. They actually already have feeling in them again!

So far my pain levels have been low. I’ve been walking around, as the surgeon suggested. Short walks! All just a little circuit in the apartment. I’m already down from 2 pills every 4 hours to 1 pill every 4 hours (half! w00pw00p!). I’m also on an antibiotic and a vitamin C chewable twice a day.

They gave me a compression garment that was too small, on my lower half, so it didn’t come up all the way and the hole was in JUST the wrong place for me to use the bathroom. Mom ended up having to cut it a bit deeper, which is now causing my inner thighs to bulge and bruise a bit. But that’s okay.

I’ve been regularly updating my YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram — trying to give people a full ‘peek’ into my mental and physical state as I go through the process. Recovery being a HUGE part of the process involved in top surgery.

Things I suggest Pre-Op:
-Lower your sodium for swelling purposes and take Vitamin C! Eat well just in general.
-Start practicing laying on your back. You will NOT want to lay on your side or stomach at ALL. Prop up your knees!
-Up your water intake!
-Lessen the amount of time you bind, if possible, so that you can give your ribs a break.
-Don’t drink alcohol for 2 weeks beforehand.
-If you can, do chest exercises to build up your pec muscles, that way the surgeon can better contour your scars underneath where they won’t be as seen.

Things I suggest Post-Op:
-GET UP AND MOVE. Don’t do anything vigorous — but ESPECIALLY if you have liposuction done, doing a little walking can work WONDERS for your circulation and pain! Your bruising and swelling will go down!
-WEAR YOUR COMPRESSION VEST. I know it feels like binding, but I haven’t taken mine off — and I can already tell just how badly I would regret it if I had.

Will probably add more as I think of things. Stay tuned!