The Logical Self

PHP and MySQL anyone?

For the longest time, I’ve loved sites where you could adopt and raise your own pet. This ranged from Neopets, the more kid-friendly site with childish creatures and a simple system to raise them, to Powerpets, who went in the complete opposite direction, and geared themselves more to teens. There was Subeta, and Neonpets, Marapets, and everything inbetween.

It’s my turn.

I’m in the process of learning PHP and MySQL (albeit, slowly) in order to create a virtual pet-site of my own. The purpose? Battling them against others in order to become the strongest, and protect their world! My hope is to take everything I love about all the sites I’ve played, and gear them more towards teens and (if possible) adults. Only while brain-storming today did I realize I’ve been wanting to do this for years…I’ve just never been in such a good place, with as much C knowledge under my belt as right now.

There will be a loose plot I may release bits and pieces of once I get the site created. I’m working on art of my own, and may ask friends for contributions in order to populate an entire world. I’m going to be creating an entire stats system by hand, so that will take some time.

Don’t expect anything for a while…but I think I’m on the track of something really cool.