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Minecraft Projects so far…

Yay, Minecraft!

For those of you living under a rock in a far-off distant land, Minecraft is an open-sandbox game where you can build or craft almost anything you can imagine.

Want to recreate your old school, to show your friends?


Want to recreate Sleeping Beauty’s castle?

No problem!


What I chose to do with Minecraft, is build areas of interest from many types of media–TV, Anime, and Video Games (to name a few).


Project #1 –
-Lyoko (Code Lyoko)

Anyone who has seen the show will immediately know what I’m talking about. That 4 (spoilers: 5)-sector world filled with dangerous monsters and super-powered teens! Between the Forest, Ice, Desert, and Mountain sectors–I have my work cut out for me! Each sector will have its’ own individual level, high enough off the ground to make a player re-spawn if they fall. Way-towers will reach from one level to the next, allowing one to travel between sectors just like in the show. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m working on a custom texture pack for it! Quick, to the way-tower!

Project #2 –
-Tartarus (Persona 3)

One of my favorite game-series’ of all time, Persona is both a total mind-blow and extremely fun. You fight Shadows, manifestations of the dark-side in everything, with your Persona, the mask you take on life with, in a secret hour between this day and the next; The Dark Hour. What starts off as 5 high school students quickly grows, as a mystery unfolds. Tartarus, the hulking 250+ level constantly-changing labyrinth is what stands in the beloved Gekkoukan High’s place. And to top off the eeries mood, I’m making a custom texture pack for it–complete with glowing green moon!

Project #3 –
-Junes + TV World (Persona 4)

Another project from one of my favorite games of all time, Junes is the bustling new addition to Inaba’s countryside. What was once a small arcade and a few mom-and-pop shops is now a 2-story shopping complex, complete with grocery and clothing store. What our Heroes didn’t realize, was that the largest TV in the electronics section was big enough to fall into! Armed with their trusty Personas, they embark on a journey to save victims that have been dumped into a twisted TV-world!

Project #4 –

The happiest place on earth! This massive 2-part theme park is a true wonder to behold. Hundreds of shops, restaurants, and rides dot 8 different areas of the main park, and I intend to re-create them all! From the roller-coaster Thunder Mountain, to the water-ride Splash Mountain, to the in-the-dark roller coaster Space Mountain, and everything in between!

And don’t worry, future updates will include plenty of photos!